Osho International Meditation Resort

 A beautiful campus situated in the pleasant residential area of Koregaon Park, Pune, some fifteen minutes by air from Mumbai (formerly Bombay).This lush contemporary 28-acre campus is a tropical oasis where nature and the 21st Century blend seamlessly, both within and without. With its white marble pathways, elegant black buildings, abundant foliage and Olympic-sized swimming pool, it is the perfect setting to take time out for yourself. This is a place where you can simply relax and where you can also enjoy the company of visitors of all ages from over 100 countries.  

Osho Meditation Resort

For more information please visit www.osho.com


Osho International Meditation Resort
17 Koregaon Park
Pune MS 411 001
Phone: +91 20 6601 9999
Fax: +91 20 6601 9990


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