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Guru Purnima 2025 – Meditation and Celebration

Jul 10, 2025 - Jul 13, 2025
Guru Purnima 2023

Guru Purnima in 2025 is on the 10th of July, Thursday

Guru Purnima is the ultimate celebration of the master-disciple relationship. The disciples come together to meditate and celebrate, and express their gratitude for their new birth given by the Master. This culminates in rejoicing and being one with the Master.

Osho on Guru Purnima

“Guru is like full moon and disciple is like Ashadh (the month of clouds and rains). The moon of Sharad Purnima is beautiful because it is in the empty sky. There is no disciple then, the Guru is alone. If the same beauty happens in Ashadh, then it is something, where the Guru is surrounded by clouds like disciples.

The disciples have come with their darkness of many lives. They are like dark clouds, they are the weather of Ashadh. If the Guru can shine like the full moon in that atmosphere of darkness, if he can produce light in that atmosphere of darkness, only then he is the guru. That’s why Ashadh Purnima is Guru Purnima. It has an indication towards the guru and an indication towards the disciple. And naturally, where these two meet, there is meaningfulness.”

Guru Purnima 2025


Osho Nisarga

Village: Shilla
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