Meditation facilitator

The way of the heart

Meditation facilitator

Deeping & enjoying life by facilitating meditation camps and therapy groups in all over India for years.

There are hundreds of meditation techniques and meditative therapy groups devised  by Osho to practice in day to day life for physically, mentally and spiritually healthy being.

As a meditation facilitator, I facilitate advance meditative therapy groups and camps on various themes like “Love & Prayer“, “The way of the Heart, “Bhakti“, “Sufism“, “Vipassana“, “Awareness“, “Silence” etc. which are very helpful to have a basic taste of meditations and gives clarity to choose own path.

From last 12 years facilitation of meditation groups in diffrent part of India in beautiful Osho Meditation Centers and ashrams like Osho Nisarga, Osho Dham, Osho Mandakini, Oshogram  give immensely beautiful experience.

Osho Meditation Facilitator

I got opportunity to facilitate Osho meditation camps and meditative therapy groups – 

which helps the seeker to have more deeper experience through deep emotional cleansing, to get taste of your natural way.

Osho Says – ”This is what happens in meditations, in yoga, in therapy groups — slowly slowly this understanding penetrates your heart: “What am I doing? Shouting, screaming, fighting — what am I doing?” Just that very revelation and you can see the point, and then you can sit silently. And ALL that you need is already available.”


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