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Deva Naman

Meditation facilitator

While enjoying and learning from my inner journey, existence gives me an opportunity to share whatever I gain from our beloved Master Osho.

As a meditation facilitator I am facilitating Osho Meditation camps & therapy Groups in various part of India from last few years. 


Hobbyist Photographer

Photography is not only my hobby it is my passion too, as a nature lover I love to be with my camera most of the time and trying to click pictures.
To me, photography is not about cameras, gadgets or tricks. Its about capturing those moments that make life meaningful.

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Hobbyist photographer

A Wanderer​

Deva Naman - Leh

I consider my self as a wanderer, not only of inner path but outer world too.

This whole world is full of adventures & beauty to explore, So I am keep wandering.

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Guru Purnima – Osho Nisarga 2021

Guru Purnima Guru Purnima – In The Glorious Presence of Osho Guru Purnima (Full moon) is a festival filled with devotion, dedication, and celebration in gratitude toward the Master for his

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20160615 Way of the Heart Naman 10 Home

The way of the heart

The way of the heart Osho Meditation Camp The Way of the Heart : An inner journey of Love and Prayer facilitated by Swami Naman. Prayer is not a ritual and it

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Mystic Rose - Ma Neelam and Swami Naman

Osho Mystic Rose

Mystic Rose OSHO MEDITATIVE THERAPY GROUP Osho Mystic Rose – This dynamic healing and transformative process penetrates to the deepest layer of our energy through the three elements of Laughter,

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Meditation Facilitator