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Deva Naman

Meditation facilitator

Deeping & enjoying life by facilitating meditation camps and therapy groups in all over India for years.

As a meditation facilitator, I offer meditative therapy  groups like

and meditation camps on various themes like Love & Prayer“, “The way of the Heart, “Bhakti“, “Sufism“.

Meditation Teacher, Life Coach, Meditation Coach, Meditation Facilitator – people know me with many various titles and invite me to lead the meditation groups at different meditation centers and ashrams…

Osho Says –  Meditation Is a Quality of Being “Meditation is a quality of being that you bring to the act. It is not a particular act, it is not that you do this then it is meditation – that you sit in a certain posture, siddhasana, and you keep your spine erect, and you keep your eyes closed or you look at the tip of your nose or you watch your breath, then it is meditation – no, these are just devices for the beginners…

“Do you know that the words meditation and medicine come from the same root? Meditation is a kind of medicine; its use is only for the time being. Once you have learned the quality, then you need not do any particular meditation, then the meditation has to spread all over your life. Only when you are meditative twenty-four hours a day then can you attain, then you have attained. Even sleeping is meditation.”

 Osho, The Sun Rises in the Evening –  Talk #7

Hobbyist Photographer

Photography is not only my hobby it is my passion too, as a nature lover I love to be with my camera most of the time and trying to click pictures.
To me, photography is not about cameras, gadgets or tricks. Its about capturing those moments that make life meaningful.

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Hobbyist photographer

A Wanderer​

Deva Naman - Leh

I consider my self as a wanderer, not only of inner path but outer world too.

This whole world is full of adventures & beauty to explore, So I am keep wandering.

20160615 Way of the Heart Naman 10 Home

The way of the heart

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Mystic Rose - Ma Neelam and Swami Naman

Mystic Rose

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Born again

Born Again – 2022 at Osho Nisarga

How to do meditation ? Born Again: Osho Meditative Therapy Group Some glimpses of Born Again: Osho Meditative Therapy facilitated by Swami Deva Naman at Osho Nisarga, where we all

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Love of friends

Meditation Facilitator