Born Again - Osho Meditative Therapy 2022 at Osho Nisarga

Language: Only in Hindi | Program Type: Advanced Group | Facilitator: Sw. Deva Naman

 (Arrival: Dec. 17th till 4 pm | Departure: Dec. 24th after 2 pm)

Osho compares human existence to an onion, layers upon layers, fresher still fresher, “…and the same is true about the man. If you go deep into him you will always find the innocent child. And to contact that innocent child is therapeutic.” This seven-day meditation group offers that contact.

The method is twofold: play and witness. The first hour is a “yes” to spontaneous play; with pillows, balloons, and crayons; with others and with ourselves; our body, our thoughts, our emotions; full energy, full of fun. The next hour is the other polarity. We sit silent, still; watching the layers dissolve.

As in life, so in play. We all have set patterns of what it means to play and we remain confined to those; fearful of entering any new territory, revolving in the same circle. As a part of the group, each day we will be experimenting with fresh ways to play, those that challenge our patterns and DE-mechanise us.

born again
born again
Swami Deva Naman
born again

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