Sharing my experience of Mystic Rose,

 Article published in Osho Viha Connection Magazine ( – May/June 2024 / Volume XXXVII Three

My experience of Mystic Rose

I had heard a lot about the Mystic Rose therapy from my friends, but it was only in 2017 that I got a chance to participate in it in Osho Nisarga, a beautiful meditation center in the Himalayas.

The start-up of the laughter week was wonderful; the meditation hall was full of energy with seekers from all over the world, and it was easy to laugh all together. But my experience on the fourth night was special: I woke up in the middle of the night and found myself having a belly laugh for no reason at all. I thought to myself, “Wow, what was that?”

The second week of crying was difficult. I had many sad memories to recall, but tears were not flowing. The more I tried, the more headaches I got. But then something clicked while I was listening to Osho, and the floods of tears started. Osho’s discourses are always a great help; it’s as if He were talking to us personally about our current situation.

I thought the third week would be difficult. But, again, a miracle: I could sit. Yes, there were thoughts and body movements, but still, the meditative space was there. I realized that after two weeks of laughter and crying the third week of sitting comes as a natural flow.

After the group I felt light and unburdened, but a major change happened when I went back to my regular working life. Many of my emotional wounds healed. I realized I was more relaxed and aware while working, walking, and even meditating. It all became effortless!

I found the beautiful ambience of Osho Nisarga very helpful. The majestic mountains, the flowing river, good and healthy food, well-experienced and friendly facilitators, the group energy of fellow travelers – it was all a great support to dive deep into myself.

As I was a regular participant in Osho Nisarga, Ma Neelam invited me to be an assistant for the Mystic Rose therapy. Ma Neelam, who was Osho’s secretary for India and who created Osho Nisarga, was leading Mystic Rose every year in March. I assisted her for two years before I became the co-facilitator. Watching her closely in her day-to-day life healed a lot inside me. When she was diagnosed with cancer and was taking treatments, she had to travel back and forth to the hospitals. I was amazed to see her enthusiasm in leading the Mystic Rose, in spite of all the stress of the body. She could hold the group energy of 46 participants. She herself would lead the morning sessions that she had designed for the laughter week. She took personal interest in choosing Osho discourses that were related to the week for the White Robe Evening Meditation.

Her attentiveness to every detail left me flabbergasted. I never saw pain on her face; she came in the hall full of vigor and smiles. How did she manage that? Some deep insights were imparted to me that I will always be indebted to her for.

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Every time I facilitate, I find myself in the process too. Having gone through it many times makes it easier for me to understand others.

Even now, year by year, I notice subtle changes in myself. The quality of the laughter has changed; it is not dependent on others. Tears are not related to releasing an emotion like in the past but to a sweet, soft space of longing for the ultimate. Silent sittings are quieter as now the body is more relaxed than ever before.

This year I will be co-leading MR with Priya, who has been with Osho since her childhood and is a perfect blend of East and West. I’m looking forward to that…*

Swami Deva Naman

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