Osho Divine Doors - Nepal

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Osho Divine Doors
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Buddhafield at Osho Divine Doors

Continuous meditation practices, every single day, since its inception, and the presence of many enlightened masters, has activated a Buddha Field around it.

At about 45 km from Nepal Border (Mechi), you will arrive at Osho Divine Doors, Harkate, Ilam in less than 2 hours. While you make your way through the sunny weather at the Nepal border, and into the mists of Ilam, you will notice a complete change in the weather and atmosphere around you, within the 2-hour journey.

Dance with the pine trees, and grow with the Himalayas while you stay at Osho Divine Doors. Situated just 2 km away is the vast reserve of The Kanyam Tea Garden where you can feel nature at its best.

Osho Divine Doors

Kolbung Harkate Harkate, town 57300, Nepal
Contact Number – +9779824999770



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