Osho Mandakini Meditation Centre

Osho Mandakini Meditation Centre

The Osho Mandakini Meditation Centre

 Osho ashram at Varanasi-India is the place to take a holiday from the external stresses of life and nourish the soul.

On the bank of river,  it is located in a beautiful campus of marble walkways, tropical gardens with exotic plants – a spiritual oasis offering a multitude of possibilities for inner discovery and exploration.

For more information please visit  http://www.oshomandakini.com/

Osho Mandakini Meditation Centre,

Samneghat, Madaravan,
Lanka, Varanasi-221005

Ph No- 0542-2366195
M: +91-9839040207

Email: contact@oshomandakini.com


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