Osho Quotes on Love

Osho Quotes on Love

God is not a concept but a state of love.

“God is not a concept but a state of love. When love is flowing twenty-four hours a day for no other reason, for no other motive but just for its own sake it is such a joy to be loving; there is no need for any other motivation then one is religious and one’s life is prayer.” ~ Osho

To flow and grow in love needs no perfection

“To flow and grow in love needs no perfection. Love has no-thing to do with the other. A loving person simply loves, just as an alive person breathes and drinks and eats and sleeps. Exactly like that a really alive person, a loving person, loves.” – Osho

Awareness should become an arrow pointing towards yourself

“Awareness should become an arrow pointing towards yourself, and love should become an arrow pointing towards others.
If you can become this two-arrowed being, everything is achieved. Love for the whole existence, and awareness for one’s being are the same, two aspects of the same coin and they help each other.” – Osho

What is the Love ?

Love is the only miracle there is. Love is the ladder from hell to heaven. Love learned well, you have learned all. Love missed, you missed your whole life. People who ask about God are not in fact asking about God; rather than asking, they are declaring that they have not known what love is. One who knows love has known the Beloved: love is the insight into the Beloved. One who asks about light, simply says that he is blind. One who asks about God, simply says his heart has not bloomed into love.
Never ask about God. If you cannot see him that simply shows you don’t have eyes to see. If you cannot hear him that simply shows you are deaf. If you cannot touch him that simply shows you are without hands — that you don’t have any sensitivity. God is not the problem, God cannot be the problem. God is not far away, God is herenow. All that is, is in God and is God — so how can God be the problem? God is not to be searched: where will you search him? He is everywhere — you just have to learn how to open your eyes of love. Once love has penetrated your heart, God is there. In the thrill of love is the Beloved: in the vision of love is the vision of God.
So God is the only real inner alchemy: it transforms your material life into the divine. It is the only alchemy, I say, because it changes the baser metal into gold. Without love, life is a dull affair, grey — with no colors, with no songs, with no celebrations. One can drag and one can hope only for death: death will come and relieve you of your dragging long affair. Love brings color: the grey suddenly becomes a rainbow, explodes into a thousand and one colors, and the drab and the dull become psychedelic. Love changes the whole climate of your inner being — and with that change the whole existence is changed. Nothing is changed on the outside — but once you are full of love you have a totally different existence available to you.
God and the world are not two things, it is the one existence. There is only one existence: seen without love, it looks material; seen without love, God looks like the world — SANSARA. Seen with love, the world is transformed, transfigured… and the very world becomes divine.
Yes, then in sight there is music. When love has dawned, then miracles happen — even in sight there is music; in sound, a luminous silence. Love is magical. And Kabir’s whole teaching is that of love: he calls love “the divine melody.” The heart, pulsating in love, becomes a flute on the lips of God… and a song is born. That song is religion.
Religion has nothing to do with churches and temples and rituals: religion is born only when somebody pulsates with love. Each individual has to give birth to a religion — and unless you have given birth to a religion in you, you are not religious. You cannot join an organization and become religious, remember — religion is not an organization to belong to. To be religious you have to give birth to religion in your innermost core, in your very core: when religion is born THERE, only then are you religious. Not by becoming a Christian but by becoming a Christ, not by becoming a Buddhist but by becoming a Buddha, religion is born.
When you are born in love, religion is born in you — and then your whole life is a melody, a beautiful song. And then you will be surprised that nothing is wrong: all fits together. Right now, nothing fits together. Right now, you are a mess: right now, you are an anarchy. Right now, you are just traffic noise — rushing in all directions, falling apart, disintegrating. Right now, you are nothing but anguish, agony. Once love is born, you have a center. Once love is born, you are centered — and everything falls in tune with the center. You become an orchestra, a beautiful harmony. It is hidden in you: you have brought it into the world, it is yet unmanifest. Kabir says: Manifest it — let your love be manifested. In that manifestation will be your prayer.
A few things, very basic and fundamental to understand, before we enter these beautiful sutras — the last of the series.
The Talmud has a tremendously beautiful story to tell. A heathen came to Hillel — a great Jewish mystic — and cynically asked him: “Teach me the whole Torah while I stand on one foot.” Now this is impossible; the Torah is a big scripture — it really takes years to understand it. And this cynic, this skeptical person, says to Hillel: “If you have understood the Torah then give me the gist, the summary, the essential. While I stand on one foot, you tell me all that is in the Torah.”
And this skeptic had been to other mystics also — but they must not have been mystics; they were great theologians, philosophers, thinkers, pundits, scholars. They all had refused. They said, “This is impossible; the Torah needs years of study, a lifelong study. And the Torah cannot be condensed into a few sentences — that will be sacrilege. It is not possible.” But Hillel agreed, and answered immediately: “Do not unto others as you would not have others do unto you. This is the whole Torah — the rest is commentary.”
Love is the whole Torah, the rest is commentary. And what is love? — do not do unto others that which you would not like to be done to you. This is the criterion of love: do unto others that which you would like to be done to you. Whatsoever you ask for yourself, allow that to others too. Whatsoever you don’t want to happen to you, don’t do it to others. Think of yourself as the very center of existence. In fact, don’t think of the other as the other: only you are. and in the other too, is the same life, the same song waiting to be uttered, the same urge to rise to the divine, the same seeking, the same inquiry, the same throbbing heart, the same agony, the same ecstasy.
This love is waiting in you. There is no necessity; it can wait and you can die. Birth is beyond you. You are already born — nobody had asked, your permission was not taken at all, you were not even asked where you wanted to be born and what you wanted to become. You always find yourself in the middle of life; you are already here. Birth is no choice for you… nor is death. One day suddenly death will come, without even giving you any warning. And not for a single moment will death wait. Birth happens, death happens — they are beyond you; you cannot do anything about them. Between birth and death there is only one thing you can do something about, and that is love.
These are the three great things of life: life, love, death. Life has already happened. Death is going to happen — it is a certainty. In a way, it has already happened with birth: you have already taken one step into the grave. The day you are born, half the journey is complete; the remaining half will take a little time… or a little more. With life, death has also penetrated you: now only one thing remains to be done that YOU can do, something that depends on you, and that is love. And because it depends on you, there is every possibility that you may miss it.
That is the agony of love: you can miss it. If you don’t do something, if you don’t become alert, if you don’t move towards it consciously, deliberately, you may miss it. There is every possibility that you may not be able to unfold it — hence the fear, the trembling, the anguish, the anxiety: will I be able to make it? will I be able to move into love? will I be able to flow into love? But side by side with this agony there is an ecstasy — that one is free.
It is because of freedom that the fear exists. If love was also predestined, as life and death are, then there would have been no fear, but then there would have been no ecstasy either — because ecstasy is possible only when you achieve something, when consciously you choose something, when deliberately you arrive somewhere, when it is YOUR journey and you are not being dragged. That’s the beauty of love and that’s the danger too.

Love is a door

“Love has made people fall and love has made people rise high. It all depends on what you have done with love. Love is a very mysterious phenomenon. It is a door on one side is suffering, on the other side is bliss; on one side is hell, on the other side is heaven; on one side is sansara, the wheel of life and death, on the other side is liberation, Love is a door.” – Osho

Love your body, respect your body.

“Love your body, respect your body. In that very respect you will love others’ bodies and you will respect others’ bodies. In that respect you will respect the very earth you walk upon. If one is in deep harmony with one’s body, one automatically becomes harmonious with nature. The body is the closest point to nature.” – Osho

Love the world

“Love the world, and don’t be attached. Be in the world, but don’t be of the world — that is what renunciation is. That’s what I call sannyas: a great harmony between love and renunciation; a great harmony between this world and that; a great harmony between God the creator, and the world, the created; a great harmony between the body and the soul a great harmony, with no conflict; the disappearance of all conflict.” – Osho

Life cannot be approached through logic.

“Life cannot be approached through logic. The door to life is not logic but love.
Anything that makes one serious is part of death. Anything that makes one sing, dance, laugh, love, is part of life.” – Osho

Love and respect yourself

“Love and respect yourself and never compromise for anything. And then you will be surprised how much growth starts happening of its own accord… as if rocks have been removed and the river has started flowing.”- Osho

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