Osho Tapoban - Kathmandu, Nepal

Osho Tapoban - Nepal
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Osho Tapoban is dedicated towards sharing the vision of the enlightened mystic Osho. It stands for all that is life affirmative and elevating. With meditation and soul seeking at its heart, we here at Tapoban are committed to creating a space where seekers from all over the world regardless of their nationality, religion, gender and ethnicity can feel at home and glide ahead in their pursuit for wellbeing.


Osho Tapoban

Nagarjun Hills, Kathmandu, Nepal P.O BOX: 278

Call/WhatsApp/Viber: +977-9847807082
Landline: +977-1-5112012, 5112013

Email: info@tapoban.com

Website: https://tapoban.com/


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