Vipassana Meditation

Osho Says – And when I say watch, don’t TRY to watch, otherwise you will become tense again, and you will start concentrating on the breath. Simply relax, remain relaxed, loose, and look…because what else can you do? You are there, nothing to be done, everything accepted, nothing to be denied, rejected, no struggle, no fight no conflict, breathing going deep — what can you do? You simply watch. Remember, simply watch.

Don’t make an effort to watch. This is what Buddha has called VIPASSANA — the watching of the breath, awareness of the breath — or SATIPATTHANA — remembering, being alert of the life energy that moves in breath. Don’t try to take deep breaths, don’t try to inhale or exhale, don’t do anything. You simply relax and let the breathing be natural — going on its own, coming on its own — and many things will become available to you.

Instructions for Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana Meditation is based on the technique given by Gautam Buddha, it is simply about awareness, watching without judging or analyzing any thought or emotions.


First Step – 45 Minutes

Watching your breaths.

Sit comfortably make your body relaxed with erect spine and closed eyes. The basic idea of this meditation is to be a watcher, you start from your breathing, Just keep watching your breaths! Remember you are simply watching not changing the pattern of your breathing, let it be very natural,  

Just accept and watch whatsoever is happening outside, don’t get disturbed by anything, it might be some sound from outside, some thoughts, emotions, or body sensations.


Second Step – 15 minutes

Walk with awareness

Gently stand up, eyes will be little opened looking just a few steps ahead, not focused on any object, and start slow but natural walking. Be aware of every moment of your body, how you stand up, how you are adjusting things, and then how you raise your one foot in the air and move forward and feel the sensation of the feet touching the ground while walking, and second foot is ready to be raised. You also be aware of your surrounding.


Note: – If needed you can change your body posture in between, but very consciously and gently. Mind many times go out, whenever you noticed, simply come back to your breaths. 

Osho Vipassana Meditation

Breathing Meditation

You can download some Osho’s audio discourses on Vipassana here  


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