Why do we need a meditation facilitator?

Call meditation facilitator or meditation coach…
Actually, meditation needs nothing with others, it is all about yourself, ultimately you have to meditate individually.
Yes in the starting it’s helpful to start meditation techniques with a meditation facilitator, but it’s not necessary just helpful. Once you know the way of meditation, you are enough to meditate.



Meditation Facilitator helps you through



  • He facilitates the things which help you to meditate.
  • His own experience in the path of meditation.
  • His art of sharing what he learned in his inner journey.
  • His friendliness and strictness make you comfortable and disciplined for yourself.
Meditation Teacher
20190606 In Wonder Naman 5 Why do we need a meditation facilitator ?
Sw Deva Naman 6 Why do we need a meditation facilitator ?

Photographs from Osho Nisarga

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