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Born Again is a Seven days process for two hours a day. For the first hour, participants take the space and freedom to behave like children. For the second hour, they sit silently, doing nothing. Osho has this to say about the first part of the process:

This is an advanced group for those who have already done basic meditation camps and have gone through meditation techniques like Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini & Whiterobe Satsang, etc.


Osho Meditative therapy group Born Again

Remember this: regain your childhood. Everyone longs for it but no one is doing anything to regain it. Everyone longs for it! People go on saying that childhood is paradise and poets go on writing poems about the beauty of childhood. Who is preventing you? Regain it! Take this opportunity to regain it.

Poetry will not help, and just remembering that it was paradise is not of much use. Why not move into it again? Why not be a child again? I say to you that if you can be a child again you will start growing in a new way. For the first time, you will be really alive again. And the moment you have the eyes of a child, the senses of a child — young, vibrating with life – the whole of life vibrates with you.

Remember, it is your vibration that needs transformation. The world is already always vibrating in ecstasy; only 62506960 2244153508955823 202347299567828992 oyou are not tuned. The problem is not with the world, it is with you: you are not tuned to it. The world is dancing, always celebrating, every moment it is in a festivity. The festival goes on from eternity to eternity, only you are not tuned to it. You have fallen apart from it, and you are very serious, very knowing, very mature. You are closed.

Throw this enclosure!  Move again into the current of life. When the storm comes, the trees will be dancing, you also dance. When the night comes and everything is dark, you also be dark. And in the morning when the sun rises, let it rise in you also. Be childlike and enjoying, not thinking of the past.

Born Again

For these days be like a child – total. If you hate, hate; if you love, love; if you are angry, then be angry; and if you are festive, then be festive and dance. Do not carry anything over from the past. Remain true to the moment; do not hanker for the future. For these eight days drop out of time. Drop out of time!

That is why I say do not be serious: because the more serious you are, the more time-conscious you are. A child lives in eternity; there is no time for him. He is not even aware of it. These eight days will be real meditation if you drop out of time. Live the moment and be true to it.

My insistence on being playful is because of this: I want you to go back to the very point from where you stopped growing. There has been a point in your childhood when you stopped growing and when you started being false.Osho Born Again You may have been angry, a small child in a tantrum, angry, and your father or your mother said, “Don’t be angry! This is not good!” You were natural but a division was created and a choice was there for you. If you were to remain natural then you would not have got the love of your parents. – Osho

Osho Born Again : Meditative Therapy Group

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