What is mindfulness ?

Mindfulness is the pure state of consciousness, awareness, be in present in the moment totally without choice.
It is very natural process to be total and aware of what we are doing , what is happening surround with no judgements, just as a witness.

Just bring all your awareness to what ever you are experiencing through your all senses, and that state is a state of mindfulness.



Mindful Meditation

Those who are practicing  mindfulness feel stress less, joyful, calm and more efficient with clarity. There are many techniques of mindful meditation, it helps to slow down running thoughts in mind, relaxes mind, tensed nerves and body.

There are many other amazing benefits mindfulness .

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation ?

Learning any meditation technique at your own is quite good, but meditation groups with meditation facilitator is very helpful in the beginning.
Mindful meditation

Get Comfortable place and body posture.

Find a comfortable and quite place. Sit in a chair or on the floor with relaxed shoulders & straight spine but not stiff. It’s also helpful to wear comfortable, loose clothing so you’re not distracted.

But also remember, it can be done in place any time.

Keep watching

Sit comfortable, you may start with watching your natural breath, your thoughts and sounds surrounding you without any judgement without resistance in total acceptance, with that deep acceptance your body relaxed automatically and energy starts flowing inward, just allow.

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