Deep Breathing

In this busy and fast life some how we forgot the natural way to relax, often with small episodes we got triggered, we loose our focus and got disturbed.

Whenever we are in stress of anxiety, our breathing pattern automatically become shallow and rapid and we start feel dizzy, heavy, out of space & shortness of breath.

anxiety - short breath

This is the moment when we start to be aware of our breathing and try to make it deep, slow & rhythmic and your feel the difference instantly. There many ways to do breathing meditation or meditation exercises  like Anulom-Vilom, Pranayama, Bhastrika, Vipassana etc. which really helps to calm down and more concentrated. 

Deep Breathing

Just 5 -10 minutes of mindful breathing.

Reduce stress, anxiety , negative emotions, calm down yourself.

No matter where you are , no special posture needed needed to do this exercise. Just bring your attention to your breath and watch, in few moments you see that breathing is no going deeper and getting calm.

Just 5 to 10 minutes and you feel more relax, calm, mindful which sharpen your concentration skills for more efficient.

mindful breathing
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